Wednesday, January 17

Happy 2018!

Hi Readers,
Sorry for not posting or replying to any emails since 2013. Turns out the internet has changed a lot and so have I.

In those 5 years, I battled depression, quit my job of 8 years, backpacked Eastern Europe, came out as queer, moved out of my apartment of 11 years, and found love. Whew. Life is a journey.

If you're part of the LGBTQI family and are interested in queer focused events, here are some options. If you know of more, please feel free to share them with me-- I would love to be more involved in the community. You can reach me at or Instagram @yvohsizo

Queer Soup Night-- two locations-- Brooklyn and Florida
JaynesBeard-- not associated with the James Beard Foundation

Babetown: A moving pop up dinner