Monday, January 4

A New Love: Manhattan Inn

You walk out of the G train at Nassau, and you see a neon sign for fried chicken, a corner store Dunkin Donuts and a couple of laundromats. Where on earth was my friend taking me to eat on Manhattan Avenue? Apparently the new love of my life: Manhattan Inn's piano bar and restaurant.
The weathered decorations and attention to detail: recycled wood, old school house desks, skylights, baby grand piano instantly warmed my heart.

There's been some reviews for poor service-- but for New Year's Saturday brunch we stayed for OVER 5 hours. Our waiter refilled our coffee, was attentive and polite--never once felt like we were getting kicked out.

But most importantly the New American food by chef *Jonathan Short is amazing.
Mushroom bread pudding with apple beet salad.
Chicken confit, spinach omelette with side salad and hash brown.
Baked beans with kielbasa!
Cheesy grits with leeks.

You should definitely return for dinner as well. Hello, pork belly sandwich by chef Justin Farmer and drinks by James Endicott!!

Owners, Brooke Baxter and Rolyn Hu are also the master minds behind Grasslands.

*Thanks Chloe for the correction!