Tuesday, September 29

Underground Dining: #1 Favorite

Youre never eating just a duck while dining with Chef Andres. Youre "...eating a duck from a farm in Jersey... The reason why the flavors are so enhanced is because its the same duck that is raised for foie gras." And then you take a bite of the actual dish and understand why the flavors have so many dimensioins.

Ive eaten at 20 supper clubs so far, and Brooklyn Edible Social Club will always be my first and ultimate favorite underground dining experience. An intimate group of 12, 1 dining table, and a chef that could get the Amy Sedaris Best Host Award.

For this past Saturday's 5 course meal, we had:
underground dining
Amuse Bouche: Mackerel Tartare as a palate tease. One perfect spoonful.
brooklyn edible social club
Heirloom Tomato & Peach Salad: Sweet basil, peppermint, chives, chevre, cheese, sherry vinaigrette. I have highly dislike raw tomatoes until now. Just have to make this recipe each time to eat it.
brooklyn edible social club
Sweet Corn Veloute: Hooligan Cheese, Pumpernickel Croutons, Wildflower Honey-- mix of sweet and savory.
Pan Fried Spanish Mackerel: Chickpea-smoked-bacon-tuscan kale casoulette, aromatic rice, five rosted red pepper vinaigrette. Bacon and fish always make a perfect combo.
brooklyn edible social club
Seared Moulard Duck Magret: Roasted squash tartine, purslane salad, chipotle-maple-jus. See above commentary.
brooklyn edible social club
Matzuma Plum Pie: ginger infused hot chocolate. Is Andres a pastry chef too?

There are events in life you never forget: your first kiss, first car and your first supper club.
If you had to choose one, go to this one:
Brooklyn Edible Social Club
Lefferts Garden, Brooklyn
$65 including pre-cocktail