Monday, August 26

Sous Style + My New Roots

Last summer I found a new site called Sous Style a fashion lifestyle online-magazine by Pippa Lord, from Elle Magazine. It's aspirational, yet deliciously attainable-- it was once described to me as a young Martha Stewart, but more glamorous.
In July 2012 (I'm catching up on my posts...)...Sous Style teamed up with Sarah Britton's My New Roots a renowned health food chef, to hold a raw foods cooking class and dinner in Silkstone's kitchen and loft, located in Chinatown New York.
silkstone inside and out
New York by the way, never seizes to amaze me. You can never really judge a book by it's cover. On the 6th floor of this gentrified East Broadway subway line, holds an event space spacious enough to pitch a tent. More pictures here.
Sarah gave an interactive informational raw foods course...
...showing us how simple it is to use fresh produce to make an amazing meal.
A recipe card was made for us to take home.
And wah-lah, a fulfilling dinner is served. We ended up making the nut milk, hummus, nutty tacos wrapped in lettuce, fresh fruit-- simple.

What was especially memorable about this dinner was that both hosts, Pippa and Sarah, sat down and dined with us. That doesn't happen frequently in these "supper club" type settings. We all introduced ourselves. Our commonality was healthy eating, bloggers looking for new experiences and well, finding both of these women inspirational. "How did you become a successful entrepreneur?" was a big question. Facing your fear and going after what you find true was basically the first step in their answers.
Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 10.18.28 AM
Here's Sous Style's posting on her lovely site:
*I almost dont recognize myself now that I've chopped off all of my hair!
Here's Sarah on TedTalk. She also holds picnics and multiple events in Ontario. Click here.