Monday, November 9

Underground Dining-ish: Eating with Impunity

There are many versions of supper clubs and underground dining and these names are always interpreted and tweaked to their individual needs.

My preference of underground dining is when a chef consistently hosts at their house like a dinner party. You the guest must RSVP in order to get a limited seating of say 16-- a small intimate group, and you dine with strangers who are equally adventurous of the unknown. The hosts stays consistent, the menu never repeats (always delicious), and the surprise is the people who sit next to you. You have to find more than 1 underground dining location in order to keep this adrenaline going. Forking Tasty, Brooklyn Edible Social Club and Choice Cuts are amongst my top favorite. Start with them.

But I get it. Not everyone likes to meet and talk to complete strangers. Youd rather find a like-minded group that meets up consistently and goes out to try the newest restaurants together. These individuals become your friends. Its a group event. Dont worry, I got you covered too.

Thats where Eating with Impunity comes in.
eating with impunity
This past Sunday, I attended Eating with Impunity 's introduction mixer (less introduction, more mixing) up on the 74th floor of the Empire State Building. Who knows where it will bring you next...

EWI is all about bringing people with a passion for food together. Weekly EWI events alternate between cooking and dining events, scattered with a few intellectual events. Theyve put together tastings at a Thai restaurant in Flushing, at a member’s friend’s Latin restaurant in the Lower East Side, Chinese in Queens and the list goes on.

Whatever floats your boat. Youll find something right for you.