Tuesday, November 10

AIGA + Pedro's

I heart AIGA. Their organziation caters events towards designers wheter its talks at Soho Apple Store, lectures at Bumble&Bumble or this past Monday, a typographic game show at the Galapogos Art Space.
"The Type is Right", with host Ellen Lupton and special cameo appearance Paul Shaw, turned out to be an entertaining 3rounds of tongue and cheek trivia mixed with some actual font knowledge.

Lets see if you know the answers to these:
Messed up. Answer is actually (d) all of the above plus a sheep....read more about Eric Gill...
Haha, a basic question-- but I swear it was (d). Wrong. The pointing hand is actually called (a) fist. Then why call it a pointing hand?

And just to throw in something food related-- Pedro's on Jay St and Front St, has gotten a face lift! I remember going there 2 years ago and walking straight out bc it was so dirty. But look! All nice and presentable now. Food is still so-so, but at least its dirt cheap and it doesnt look like rats have been in there (great selling point)
73 Jay Street
(between Front St & Water St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 625-0031