Monday, April 19

Devorar Supper Club

Devorar translated from Spanish means "to consume". It's also the name of a 5 course supper club prepared by the duo Eugene (an MFA graduate) and Miranda (an event planner) in their Brooklyn loft.
The entry way displays their talents outside the kitchen.
20 guests were invited to their 8PM spring awakening "drip" themed dinner.
Hanging from the ceiling were pots of honey, slowly dripping into a dish that would be drizzled on to our dessert. The row of candles burned throughout the night, with the wax accumulating on the dinner table.
The "Drip" theme again lent itself in the ice pick ice cubes in our gin cocktails.
Even place settings were designed to create an intimate ambiance.

And then the food...
Sake and Spring Onion Soup: sake, spring onion, creme fraiche, and pumpkin seed oil.
I would have enjoyed more buzz from the sake, but definitely a refreshing starter to the meal.
Gold: Cana de cabra and red wine reduction
Fried blue cheese served in a sophisticated way. Yes, that is gold dust. And yes, it was quite delicious.
Foraging: Pumpernickel migas, porcini, shitake mushrooms and flowers
Aesthetically speaking, it looks horrible-- kind of like potting soil. Taste wise, I was intrigued with all the different textures and sweet and savoryness from the mushroom and grapes.  And I like that with each dish Eugene adds a bit of twist, like the flowers, that make each dish special.
Porco Alentejana-ish: pork belly, pork tenderloin, cockles, and razor clams
Loved that meat and shellfish were served together. Pork tenderloin was worth the 45 minute wait (kind of) and it was my first time having razor clams. Its kind of chewy--but edible!
Escolar: escolar, Israeli couscous, arugula sprouts, radish sprouts, melon and jamon
Most underwhelming dish. I could have cooked this at home myself. But the arugula and radish sprouts were something new to my senses.
Palate Cleanser: raw asparagus, grapefruit, orange, almonds
Extraordinary combo!!
Dessert: Chios mastiha panna cotta, rosemary pine nut shortbread
Rosemary pine nut shortbread. Delish.

Now having said that the food was quite good and I was full after my $100 meal-- I must say that Devorar was the most dragged on meal of life. The event lasted well over 5 hours, which inconvenienced a number patrons who started to leave at 1130 on their 3rd dish. No one was prepared to stay that long. I did not expect to take the theme "Drip" so literally. We didnt have dessert till almost 1AM-- which I found a bit obnoxious. Its hard enough to have a 5 hour conversation with a friend in one sitting, much less 20 strangers.

I was able to talk to Devorar at the end, and they admitted that 20 guests is the most they've ever served and would cut down their seating. But regardless, this meal and experience was priced too steeply.