Wednesday, August 11

Underground Lobster Dealer: Dr. Claw

Youve read about him. Youre salivating.
Want a piece of Dr. Claw? Just read the fine line text and follow instructions.

Step 1: Join the group Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association via Facebook
Step 2: Make it known on the page that you want 'in'. No comments, no access.
Step 3: Wait for Dr. Claw to contact you. Follow his instructions. Its all part of the experience and his safety.
Step 4: Text Dr. Claw when youre at the red wall.(Warning: Smells like dog piss on a hot summer day).
Picture 001
He's pretty prompt with getting back to you and courteous.
dr claw
Step 5: Get your money ready. Exact change. Its $14 and its always courteous to tip!
Picture 002
Step 6: You make your exchange. Your lobster rolls come wrapped in foil in a brown paper bag. Flirt as necessary-- Dr. Claw is hot (!!)...
Picture 005
And the lobster rolls are quite amazing. The bun is toasted and warm (albeit on a hot dog bun)-- but everything is buttered and hello, chunks of CLAWS!
Picture 004
Step7: Enjoy it on a random stoop. Dont bother with chewing gum afterwards. Let the flavors last in your mouth all night.