Monday, August 30

Underground Grilled Cheese: Bread.Butter.Cheese

Im blogging out of order of dining excursions, because I wanted to... cut to the cheese...

If you havent heard already, Dr. Claw was shut down recently by the Dept of Health.
His claws were delicious...and hopefully he'll be back...

But in the meantime if youre still in-want of participating in underground activities AND craving grilled cheese, Bread.Butter.Cheese is serving it up in East Village.

Same concept as Claw.

1. You text a number and place an order....
grilled cheese
((Im only this excited because Ive been texting Ron for almost a month and was beginning to think that he didnt exist))

2. Set up place and time to meet and hand over money.
((Found out 2 things while chatting with Ron: 1. This is his full time employment 2. Order early. When I texted him around lunch time in the past the goods were always all gone by 2PM.))

3. Receive brown paper bag--with napkins! Very classy.
((I bought a latte so I could stay and eat in the coffee shop. We hadnt discussed how much a grilled cheese was, but I figured $17 would cover 2 sammies along with tip. I mean Im here for the experience and money grows off trees))

4. And BAM-- the deal is complete.
((Standard cheddar with slices of granny apple on thick white bread. Cant go wrong.))

And then Chefs Choice was mozzarella with tomatoes.
((I liked this better than my pick of cheddar--but wish he changed up the bread to whole grain or something else than white. Other than that he totally satisfied my grilled cheese cravings!)).

You can order any kind of grilled cheese with Ron: pepperjack with bacon, brie and walnut gouda with name it. Next time I wont play it safe--Ill see if he can do a pork belly grilled cheese...

Anyways I will share with you Bread Butter Cheese's number if you share with me a new underground dining spot. Deal? Email me at contactblogemail (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m.