Monday, February 6

Supper Club: City Grit NYC in WRK Showroom

city grit nyc
I bike past WRK on Prince St often, and never paid much attention to the old Catholic converted school house. Have you?
Lo and behold, an underground supper club runs in the back room of the furniture design showroom (amazing space). City Grit's Sarah Simmons' speciality is Southern comfort food. They also invite guest chefs from all over the South to co-host like Ron Eyester, and Ty-lo Boring.

And every now and then they branch out to different genre's of food, thus the Shabbot Shalom Ya'll themed dinner we attended Friday, January grit nyc
 City Grit kept the meal as traditional as possible with a blessing and breaking of bread (challah) which made the event special.  The dinner was 4courses consisting of: latkes w/ apple + sour cream, kale salad w/ dried blueberries pear, roasted pecans + leomn venaigrette, braised brisket + collards, and ending with a clementine cake. Huge portions and nicely done.

What I liked about City Grit was the ambience and how the chef and business partner came out to introduce themselves. Everything is more interesting when you know someone's history. The service was also impeccable.

I'll have to come back for their Southern comfort food since it's what they do best. Keep in mind that this specific supper clubs can host up to 70 guest, just in case you're afraid/ enjoy crowds. But its worth the visit if you're into interior decorating....because...
....the venue that City Grits uses is a scavenger's treasure chest. The tables, chairs, lighting everything that you dine in is all from Interior Designers,  Josh and Jeremy who find every day objects themselves and refurbish and install. The picture above is from their portfolio. You can buy key pieces from too, but their finished interior designs really showcase their phenomenal design skills. Have you been to Brooklyn Winery? They designed it.  Its inspiring as I am in the midst of redecorating my room and thus this tangent.