Tuesday, December 22

Izakaya: Sui Ren

Liked it enough, but didnt love it.
(TL) Duck confit bun.
(TR) Tuna Tartare.
(BL) Grilled Octopus-- Prefer grilled squid.
(BR) Big Eye Tuna w/ Soft Quail Egg. Loved it. To have the quail yolk oozing out in your mouth...favorite!
(TL) Duck Breast and Foie Gras Creme. Unbelievable.
(TR) Pork Belly w Soft Quail Egg. You know how I feel about quail egg...
(BL) BBQ Short Rib-- Korean in Japanese restaurant. Waitress recommended it.
(BR) Japanese Pancake with red bean and Green Tea Ice Cream. Skip the pancake eat the green tea!

$100 + 1 sake each + hot green tea.
I think Williamsburg has a lot more other places that stand out.
Also serves ramen--but we all know what I prefer.