Wednesday, December 23

Update: Henry Public

So back in October I visited Henry Public after their first few weeks of just being opened.
It didnt win me over completely, but thought I would try it again in a few months.

And so this past Sunday we came back and can now confidently say, Henry Public is one of my favorites in the neighborhood. Its got the off beat location, intimate ambience, great food and ... well I didnt bother with the cocktails ($11 each). Just stuck with Jameson Ginger Ale ($8).
Turkey Leg Sandwich: Felt like Thanksgiving all over again. Will order this over and over again...
Wilkinsons: An American version of tokoyaki, but with no filling. Its a pancake in shape of a ball with caramel dipping sauce on the side. Fun to try!

Anyways, NYTimes describes the experience the best, here.