Monday, February 8

Travel: Singapore / Malaysia

It's hard maintaining friendships when we each live so away. Luckily I accumulated enough frequent flyer miles this year to travel across country to see Kenneth for 7 short but happy days.
We spent 4 days in his hometown Singapore then split 3 days between Maleka and Kuala Lumpur exploring every nook and cranny available. I didnt care for the shiny malls and 5 star restaurants (although Tea Bone Zen Mind and The White Rabbit in the abandon church was cool). I went for the nitty gritty as scary as it sometimes felt. Prostitute Lane almost made me pee in my pants.

Upon our first night of exploring in Malaysia I was thankful to find this 'butcher shop'.
Note to self, do not eat any pork while staying here!!
Picture 197
Hi, ever hear of a freezer????
Picture 196
Head sold separately.
Picture 199
Nice huh? Theyre smiling!
Picture 281
Anyways, for now Im just limiting myself to this one post. I have over 300 pictures to sort through!

If you want to see all the amazing food, exotic fruits and some charming some ghetto architecture from Singapore and Malaysia, feel free to hit me up on flickr. (Youll need an account to befriend me).