Tuesday, February 9

Brooklyn Bowl: Bowling League

Oh those cold winter months in NY.
As much as I love snuggling in bed--
joining my bowling league with NYC Social Sports Club is much more fun!

First game was last night, held every Monday at Brooklyn Bowl-- live music (hello, Citizen Cope), bowling and Blue Ribbon food-- what else could you ask for on a Monday night?

Well 3 things:
1. Less calories in Blue Ribbon's food... if I eat this once a week how much weight will I gain?

We had the heavenly fries with gravy and cheese...but havent even ordered the chicken wings or iceburg w/ blue cheese yet...I think Ill be eating more calories than burning...!!!!

2. Bowling over 100 before the season ends!!! Brooklyn Bowl
CWow (Chlo) 67, Pooker (Lisa) 78, The Position (Me) 72. Kate, we expect you to bring it on next game!

3. Watching more showstopping moves from Chlo!

The video is kind of dark...but watch the silhouette of Chlo kicking her leg waaaaay up high while swinging the shit out of her 9lber ball!!!