Wednesday, February 10

Dell Anima: Birthday Celebration

A big happy birthday shout out to my brother!

We celebrated his 29th birthday early with Sunday brunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Dell' Anima (pronounced like animal not like anemic).
If you ever plan on taking a girl on a date, definitely make reservations to sit in front of the chefs table-- oh and order the gnocchi.

Anyways for brunch we had:

UOVA in PURGATORIO baked eggs, pancetta, shallots, rosemary,tomato

Pulled pork with mashed potatoes (not listed on online menu).

APPLE PANCAKES fall spices, walnuts (Amazingly good and without the guilt)

TAJARIN “alla CARBONARA” speck, egg, pecorino (portions look small, but pasta is always filling!)

And what would a birthday be without a gift? Got Ben $15 worth of lottery tickets and he WON $20!! And theeeen he took it to the bodega to redeem it for $20 worth of Mega Millions. Sigh. He gets the gambling from my dad.