Thursday, October 1

F%$# Ippudo: I Go To Rockmeisha

Yes, I know Ippudo ramen is delicious, especially the miso ramen. Even their chicken wings. And the fact that Ive spotted Mario Batali there is definitely a perk.
But hidden on the empty street of Barrow, you no longer have to wait 2 hours in the lobby only to be seated in a half empty restaurant to have good ramen.

Welcome to Rockmeisha. It's hardly ever crowded, and rather unknown on Yelp. It is not a ramen bar either, it's an izakaya--more bar snack/ tapas. They only have 1 ramen available-- tonkotso -- but it is the best milky thick pork broth ever. It is always served last after the tapas.

This is what we had on our last visit:
Mentai Wings: Ive had chicken wings before, but never grilled this crisply and with mentai pollack roe rubbed all over-- its the best salt seasoning ever!
Tonsoku: Grilled pig toe. The collagen, meat, stickiness, and perfectly browned skin melts in your mouth. Some like it braised with sauce, but I like it just the way Rockmeisha prepares it-- natural.
Tonkotso Ramen: The reason why I no longer find the need to go to Ippudo. I always slurp down every last drop of the broth. I will give you a refund if you do not like it.

I wouldnt recommend ordering sushi rolls or the mackerel.

11 Barrow Street
***Ramen joints NOT to try: Ramen Setagaya or Rei Rei Ken.

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