Friday, October 2

Travel: Montreal for Au Pied De Cochon

Rule # 1: Dont come on Monday. They are closed.
Rule # 2: Make a reservation in advance-- or show up at 5PM to guarantee a seat.
Rule # 3: Sit at the bar.
--Pig eating human foot
I thank Jaime R. for telling me about Au Pied De Cochon, Don L. for confirming that PDC was indeed wonderful, and Shontay B. for being willing and open to try this restaurant without any questions asked. Without them, I would have missed out on possibly one of the best meals of my life.

Au Pied De Cochon is translated as "The Pig's Foot"--and the food is as distinctive as their name. It is a meat generous restaurant with ellaborate dishes of pork, duck, and beef. In almost every combination of dish created by Chef Martic Picard you will find his key ingredient--foie gras. Each bite sends you closer to a heart attack, but all the full flavors and fat, just makes you want it more. I call it-- heaven for gluttons.
F-ING foie gras poutine
Poutine: You can get poutine anywhere in Montreal. Its the basic combo of fries, cheese curds and gravy. Basic. But the collaboration of PDC's pork stock based gravy, ginormous cheddard curds, greasy fries topped with a massive chunk of foie gras = a whole other culinary experience. We wiped that plate clean!!!
Steak Tartare: I was actually a bit disappointed when we were presented with the steak tartare. I dislike fusion inspired food. But once you pour the quail egg, let it soak in the tartare, and take a bite of the roll--I forgave its presentation. I have never tasted anything like this. Salty fries, seaweed, rice, tartare was quite delicious.
Duck in a Can: Haha, I didnt think it would actually come from a can-- but yes. The waiter arrived at our table with a can opener and can-- and poured out loads of duck meat, foie gras, sourkraut and on to 2 buttered croutons and layer of mashed potatoes.
IMG_0269 IMG_0270
A Spoonfull of Mashed Potatoes: We were definitely full after our canned duck-- but we kept on seeing the chef mix the mashed potatoes...and we wanted we asked for a spoonful each-- and ended up with a bowl full of mashed potatoes mixed with heavy cream, butter and cheese curds, sprinkled with olive oil. Oops. I think we over did it.
Pudding Chômeur : Yes, we ordered dessert. I dont even remember what this was. We were in a food coma. Something like a poor mans pudding with maple syrup...We rolled ourselves home.
Au Pied De Cochon
536 East Duluth
Montreal, QC H2L 1A9
(514) 281-1114

**If you cant get into PDC, I also recomend Le Local . Open on Mondays.
Le Local
740 rue William
Montreal QC H3C 1P1
(514) 397 -7737