Tuesday, October 6

Underground Dining: Best Way to Start Your Work Week

It's kind of boring sitting at home with Indian take-out on a Sunday evening, counting down the few hours before work starts on Monday.

I prefer going to Choice Cut's for a good home cooked underground dining meal and a movie to pretend like Monday isnt even coming. It's a guaranteed satisfying meal with good company. (And see, I was so tired I couldnt even post on Monday).

For $24, this past Sunday, we started out with a nice Dark & Stormy from guest bartender Brian Fong while munching on millet fritters.

The side dishes were the compliments for Fall.
Left to Right: rice, medley of corn + vegetables, black beans + bacon, and potatoe/squash.
underground dining
And then our main course-- Seafood Gumbo!
underground dining
That was the hugest shrimp Ive ever seen. The seafood gumbo had a little of everything: okra, tomatoe, shrimp, mussels, meat...you name it.
And I wiped it clean....

10xs better than take out.
Oh and dessert was homemade roasted banana ice cream served with a date cake.
Cant beat that!

Find out about Choice Cut's monthly dinner-and-movie events here! And check out photos from the event.