Friday, October 22

Will Bike for Food: Palisades Interstate Park

Okay Im off to HK, but before I leave, just wanted to encourage you guys to enjoy the foliage by bike while you can. Its beautiful, I swear. Dont  try to hold back your tears.

We did a 50mile ride. Don rode fixie, I rode single.
Not sure how long Don had to wait for me, but the picture above is of me throwing down my bike after the never ending uphill Palisades climb, sprawling on the grass, smiling from ear to ear, feeling as if I conquered the world!! Look at the pretty leaves...
The ride started from Brooklyn to Upper West Side over George Washington Bridge (kind of tricky to find) into Palisades Interstate Park (elevation was killer, Ive never been so thankful for downhills in my life before!!!!!), back down to grab ramen at Mitsuwa (milkiest pork broth...slurp), past Edgewater, into Hoboken (how do people live here its so depressing), grabbed the NJ Transit and then peddled my ass home.

Map out your own ride via Gmaps Pedometer.