Tuesday, October 19

Vegan Supper Club: Nasturtium

Yes I am alive! I have been traveling, biking, underground dining all with aplomb-- so much so that I couldnt commit to a post. But what brought me back online??? Who would have thought...fucking vegan food.

I had my pre conceived notions of vegan-ism. Faux meat? Picky eaters?  My first glimpse into vegan food (and I had hoped my last) was a few years back at Red Bamboo, which now I know is just junk food and nothing solid of a well executed vegan experience.
nasturtium vegan supper club
Cue in Scott Winegard and Elena Balletta of Nasturtium who have forever changed my taste palette for vegetables.
nasturtium vegan supper club
The word vegan may sound scary-- but its simply food without any animal products. Yes, a meal sans meat or dairy can sound unappetizing...however Nasturium has now become one of the best supper club meals Ive had so far! Uh oh, scoot over Brooklyn Edible Social Club!.
Set in a loft space in Brooklyn this past Sunday, $50 gets you a 6 course meal with 32 guests. Yes, 32 guests! Its the biggest supper club Ive attended-- but most importantly all courses flowed smoothly and well timed (...hello remember the 5 hour dinner at  Devorar...)...I applaud you!
Scott and Elena run a well oiled kitchen, seamlessly working side by side garnishing and setting up plates with assistants at hand helping with prep work.
nasturtium vegan supper club
I especially loved how amidst working hard orchestrating each course, Elena and Scott were also able to entertain and be hospitable to every guest at the same time. The setup was an open kitchen, where guests sat intimately against the prep work station. Being in such close proximity and seeing all the action only adds more to the experience of a supper club. Reminded me of dining at the chefs table of Dell'Anima and Pied Du Cochon.
nasturtium vegan supper club
So on to the food. No menu was posted prior to the event besides 1. vegan 2. locally sourced. Luckily I love surprises.

Amuse bouche: Butternut squash + fried brussel sprouts. Nasturium can convert you to any and all vegetables-- even brussel sprouts. Hes never eaten a vegetable he's never liked.
nasturtium vegan supper club:
Soup: Smoked sunchoke + fennel chowder with nori strips. This picture doesnt do it justice.
nasturtium vegan supper club
Salad: Grilled treviso, baby beets, mascoun apple, spiced pecans
nasturtium vegan supper club
Pasta: Marina chiogga squash dumplings, bitter greens, spiced cider reduction. If you enjoy Frankie's or Char4's gnochhi, you will love these. Fried on outside, soft in the inside...with amazing sauce to soak it up.
nasturtium vegan supper club
Entree: Autumnal roulade stuffed with freekeh , green wheat, roots, mushroom jus. Also known as vegan burrito!
nasturtium vegan supper club
Dessert: Sugar pumpkin, dark chocolate, toasted pecan butterscotch. I thought Adirondack's kulfi + pistachio was phenomenal until....this. Almond and cashew blended ice cream (no dairy). Seriously? Everyone was asking for an extra generous serving!

Who knew that meat was not necessary to have an excellent meal? Apparently Nasturium.  If you hadnt told me this was vegan, I wouldnt have known the difference between that and any of my other meals.

You can find out more about Nasturium via Facebook for their future events or follow them on twitter @nasturtium_nyc.
If youre in the city looking for a bite to eat, check out Angelica Kitchen and Counter.
And if you need some inspiration you can follow Scott's blog for recipes...well partial recipes.