Friday, July 17

Txikito: Food for the Adventurous Eater

Txikito (pronounced chic-kee-toe) is a small Basque tapas restaurant in Chelsea. Equally inspired my land and sea, and just the right portions to leave you full and satisfied. The attraction to this restaurant, would be for the adventurous selection of out of your normal comfort zone food. All items on the menu have a twist. For example, the simplest dish, fries do not come with ketchup, but spicy cod roe mayo.
Special of the night: Ravioli...yeah, prosciutto wrapped ravioli (no pasta here) filled with pureed green peas. The delicateness of this dish and love for anything bacon was artery clogging, and worth it.Crispy Blood Sausage: I've had Korean blood sausages before, which I love, and this was totally different. Definitely a lot less intimidating than a bundle of purple blood mixed with rice--but I like my Korean sausage better. Worth getting if this is your first time. Taste like spring rolls!
Sofrito, Chorizo, Quail Egg: Please remember to break the yolk and so that you can wipe it clean with your bread after wards. Valuable lesson. Delicious.Grilled Octopus with Peppers: Also special of that night. Chunks of octopus, with raw green and red bell peppers.
Crispy Beef Tongue: Beef tongue is already 75% fat, add on the beautiful breaded crust layer, and you are definitely indulging yourself. The sauce made the tongue even juicier and a hit of spiciness with the mustard completed the bite.

Mini mushroom and shrimp grilled cheese sandwich: Between the prosciutto ravioli and was hard to say which one was best. I loved this because it actually came to our table piping hot, toasted to a golden brown, melted cheese...

240 9th Ave
(between 24th St & 25th St)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 242-4730
If you're into adventurous eating and a low key environment a comparable supper club for you would be Winnie's.