Thursday, October 8

Spicy Tasty = Spicy Tasty

Fittingly named Spicy Tasty, only a bowl of rice and a bottle of Tsing Tao can help put out the flames in your mouth.

Every mouthful of this authentic Sichuan-style Chinese cooking, located in Flushing Queens, builds up heat in your body. One accidental bite of Ma La peppercorns will cause your tongue to feel numb and tingly-- a hint of chili peppers will instantly make you sweat. And I love it!
Once you walk in you are greeted with a counter holding a selection of traditional delicacies served at room temperature. I couldnt tell you what they all were-- I grew up eating non-traditional foods-- so nothing scares me.

All I can say is, if they serve it, it must be edible!
(Left) Spicy tendons-- incredible chewy texture
(Right) Bean curds and celery-- your one non-spicy, vegetarian friendly dish
(Center) Spicy Beef with lots of MaLa Peporcorns. Our favorite.
Ma Po Tofu-- popular Sichuan dish. Combination of tofu immersed in spicy chili bean sauce, chili oil and minced meat.
Chengdu Tilapia: I am a huge fan of whole fish. This was topped with layers of garlic and chili and was actually better than the fish dish I usually order: spicy fillet fish with vegetable buried underneath. Noone fought over the eyeballs this time around.
Sauteed Spinach: A nice breather from all the spice.

**If youre not williing to travel that far into Queens, opt for Grand Sichuan in Manhattan Chinatown.

** Also, if youre willing to expand your palatte on different types of food, check out: I Eat Yucky Stuff!
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