Monday, October 12

Underground Dining: Forking Tasty

Forking Tasty's supper club is by far the most elaborate and well thought out event I have EVER been to. The duo, Jason and Aimee should be wedding planners--they are so detailed oriented and create the perfect mood!
jason anello
For $40, we tasted 18 different dishes (thats not a typo!), complimentary wine beer pairing and shown a featured film! The food and movie are thematic-- for example, this Saturdays 6PM event showed the movie Goodfella's and it was complimented with a homecooked Italian meal. For their previous Jaw's movie, they served surf and turf.
underground dining
Photo courtesy of Kun Kim.

And we all did it HERE! Yes folks, somewhere in Greenpoint, lies the hugest backyard rooftop you will ever see! It holds a professional grill, table to fit 18 guests, extra empty space to walk around, a bar, 2 lounge tables to seat 8, more extra space to walk around, and a white wall perfect enough to hold a film screening.


supper club
Mingling by the bar: We began with cheese, sausage, olives, peppers, more cheese and wine.
underground dining
And then, soon after, four delicious bite size appetizers. They were savory, damn it, Im eating 10 of each good!
Top left: Prosciutto & fontina arancini with spicy tomato dipping sauce
Top right: Prosciutto wrapped mozzarella-stuffed peppadews *FAVORITE*
Bottom left: Grilled polenta with gorgonzola and mushroom ragout
Bottom right: Pea & mozzarella arancini
supper club
Jason and Kun chatting before we are seated.
forking tasty
Pumpkin center pieces with Goodfella's quote and menu shaped as a gun.
forking tasty
forking tasty
Primi: Rigatoni with Italian gravy and marscapon + bread to wipe down the bowl!
1 of 3 Secondini: Arugula salad with shaved parmesan *Ate too fast, forgot about pictures*
jason anello

2 of 3 Secondi: Pork and Beef bracciole
3 of 3 Secondini: Whole fish with olive tapenade *Ate too fast, forgot about pictures*
forking tasty
And as a preview to the movie after dinner, the hosts set up a trivia questionnaire to reel us in.
And during the movie, besides popcorn, we also had...

Top left: Frangelico hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow

Top right: Cookie plate: pignoli cookies, pizzelles, almond and walnut biscotti,chocolate-hazelnut sandwich cookies, pumpkin cookies with brown butter frosting
Bottom left:Homemade olive oil ice cream
Bottom right: Fudge to take home!

I know, that was A LOT of food to cover! The dinner was so thoroughly planned and generously served.
Goodfella's was the last of Forking Tasty's summer screenings.
They are still discussing plans of perhaps holding Fall/Winter events.
Find out more, at Forking Tasty!