Thursday, November 12

Underground Dining: Rabbit Mafia Reinterprets Armenian Im not quite sure how to word this entry. I like Rabbit Mafia, I really do. Raw foods is officially awesome and delectable. They got me hooked on my first bite of summer corn tacos, and kept me wanting more with ceviche. But the reinterpretation of Armenian just wasnt on the top of my list of 'yum'.
supper club
*Tear Drop is made of wire hangers!!!
This past Wednesday, Rabbit Mafia hosted their last raw food supper club of the season in the new Green Space NY.
rabbit mafia
The highlights of the event were:
The generous amount of 44North Vodka pomegranate cocktails, an impressive crowd of 40, and a guest speaker from the Armenia Tree Project sharing their desire to help Armenia.

Our 3 course meal for $33 (great deal) was:
rabbit mafia
Variety of Armenian Appetizers: Dolmas (stuffed cauliflower grape leaves), zucchini hummus (pretty good!), mixed olives and raw cauliflower (never had a purple cauliflower before-- but wish it was pickled, not raw).
underground dining
Eech (traditional bulgar and tomatoe dish)--pretty good with the radicchio
Main Course: Variety of Autumn mushrooms with garlic brussells sprouts in red pepper curry sauce served over quinoa. (Lacked the flavors that I saw with my eyes...didnt taste any curry either?)
rabbit mafia
Dessert: Walnut and pecan orange carrot cake with cashew almond icing. (Im a HUGE fan of Rabbit Mafia's desserts...but it tasted mostly like carrots which are flavorless....not dessert....maybe needed more icing?).

Anyways, I still support and stand by Rabbit Mafia. But this meal just wasnt my favorite.

Any recommendations on where to get some authentic Armenian food??