Monday, January 11

Brooklyn Flea Market: Eating Inside The Vault

1 hanson place
This past Saturday/Sunday was the first weekend of 12, where the Brooklyn Flea Market will be held at One Hanson Place.
Even if you dont shop second hand, it is clearly a sight to be seen!

The whole bank is fully packed and organized for the vendors and public. Ground floor and second floor is filled with vintage clothing and furniture. They used every nook and cranny available in the space-- it was neat to be behind the teller's booth.
the vault at brooklyn flea market
And then there is the VAULT downstairs! The door is massive. This is where the food is located.

Inside is a little dingy and not as grandeur as the ground floor-- but you have the Red Hook Vendors, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Asia Dogs, and Choncho's Fish Tacos to distract you from the eye sore.
I opted for Pupusa's for my first Brooklyn Flea Experience. I miss them from the Red Hook Ball Fields over the summer. Next time I will definitely order Lobster Rolls when I bring more money ($14)--but I know its worth it.
brooklyn flea market
For $5 I got a pork/cheese papusa and a chicken tamale. Hello! Cheap and tasty!

Even if I dont end up buying a single thing from the Brooklyn Flea this season, I know where to get my weekend food!

Brooklyn Flea
1 Hanson Place, Fort Greene
10AM to 5PM