Friday, March 26

Hoomoos Asli: Ugly Font, Great Food

hoomoos asli
Right next door to La Esquina is the best Middle Eastern food Ive ever had so far. Waaaay better than Zaytoons, Hummus Place or Waterfalls Cafe. Insanely. The only reason why I havent been in there sooner is because of their ugly awning and horrible font choice. I am a snob. But a reformed snob. Thank you Hoomos Asli.
While the exterior looks shady, in actuality, the interior is newly renovated, neat and organized.
And their $5 falafel sandwich? Um, fresh fluffy pita, green falafel not remotely greasy, fresh creamy hummus, fresh tomatoes and cucumber-- I mean-- FRESH. You can taste the quality in this sandwich and ingredients. Savor it while basking in the sun at Petrosino Square with their mint lemonade and people watch.