Wednesday, March 24

Pies N Thighs = Belly Full of Chicken

pies and thighs
Long anticipated Pies N Thighs is finally opened after 2 years! Theres no doubt they have the best fried chicken ever (no longer at Roberta's since Carolyn Bane opened PNT). On a Tuesday night, arriving at 8PM, expect to wait at least 40 minutes for a large party. The space holds at least 60, but there are constantly hungry customers lining up.But dont worry. Its worth it.
chicken box + 1 side
We came as a party of 7, and none of us wanted to share, so we all ordered the same thing: Chicken box with biscuit (uh, biscuit came out cold) and one side (everyone go the mac-n-cheese). Crispy skin, juicy meat. Pour some honey and hot sauce over it and you're in heaven.
pies and thighs
Everyone scream, "Pies N Thighs!!". We were very satisfied. Here are some quotes of how we felt like this morning:
"I am a bloated and gassy beast right now."
"Me too. I feel like Fudgie the Whale but it was worth it."
"I ate my leftovers for breakfast and it was good!!!"

Long live Pies N Thighs.
166 S.4th Street (@Driggs) Brooklyn NY 11211