Friday, April 23

SCRATCHbread: Brooklyn Flea

By 11:15AM all of SCRATCHbread's speck focaccia is sold out at the Brooklyn Flea. Early birds in line waiting go, "Awww". They ask Matt Tilden if they can nibble on the leftover crumbs from the basket to get a taste. Seriously? Seriously. Must be that good.

And indeed, while volunteering for Matt two Saturdays ago, I was able to try each of his creations and they are beyond good. Besides the poetic way he describes each bread,  the fluidity and ease he greets customers, the product stands for itself.

My favorites were these two:
Hazelnut Oat Nibb Bar: White chocolate, hazelnuts, rice flour, cocoa nibbs, raw sugar, tamarind, currants, barley malt syrup, black pepper, fennel seed, dried chilies & sea salt.

Um, sweet and savory and ORIGINAL. You gotta eat this one slowly to identify each flavor. My personal favorite. 
Butter Cream Brownies:  Double dark chocolate buttercream stuffed brownie bar…whaaaat??

I dont even like chocolate. But after seeing fans buy this and eat it in front of me for breakfast, I had to give it a shot. As Matt says, this is "sex in a bar form." And it was amazing.

Definitely coming back this Saturday to volunteer again. And maybe even talk to him about how to become a shareholder for his company...or at least bring home the spec focaccia for myself!