Thursday, April 22

Travel: LA, CA for Sushi Zo

Was in LA last week and made it back to Sushi Zo.
Best omakase ever.

Dont come here looking for a California roll or your terriyaki chicken.
This is not casual sushi.

Sushi Zo is located in a crappy west LA strip mall, the interior though clean creates no ambiance and sometimes you want to smack that arrogant look off of Chef Seki's face.

Regardless, I try to come back once a year, to experience some of the best pieces of sushi imaginable.
sushi zo
My original favorite, that I rave to everyone about, was the uni with squid noodles and a touch of wasabi. Still phenomenal...but...
sushi zo
....then I discovered monkfish liver. Jesus Mary Joseph! Tastes better than foie gras!

Alas, 16 pieces for $112. But worth every bite.

9824 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 842-3977