Monday, July 12

Back Up Again

I know. Ive been slacking. Lets play catch up shall we?
If youre looking for a get-a-way weekend, heres an option or two.
1. Skydiving. Jump out in Gardiner, NY with Sky Dive the Ranch. Only an hour and half away. You get 14,000 feet, 1 minute of free falling and then 6 minutes of parachuting. Its kind of an awesome adrenaline rush. My tandem guy Van, above, has skydived for 37 years. Here's a clip. Worth every second.
Picture 070
2. Guilford, Conneticut. Only 2 hours away on Metro North and peaceful serenity. My friends have homes there, so wouldnt be able to advise where to sleep-- but you should drop by The Place (891 Boston Post Rd). Its basically outdoor tree stump seating, plywood round picnic tables and a camping atmosphere serving seafood.  The foods real simple (roast clam special was the best) and the mosquitoes kill. Cash only. BYOB. Bring Off bug spray.
Picture 080
3. Madison, Connecticut. Just a town over from Guilford. Its clean. You float in the water. A whole different vibe than Coney Island.