Tuesday, July 10

Travel: Yoga in Barcelona

I was determined to fit in my yoga practice during my travels in Barcelona. No day should ever end without a proper down dog, right?  Center Cos (Gran de Gracia) and Let's Speak Yoga (La Eixample) were both English friendly speaking classes in the city. I managed to hold crow's pose for the first time ever in Center Cos because my teacher was determined for me to defeat my fear of breaking my wrists (it didn't break!) And as my 12 days in Barcelona were winding down, what I looked forward to the most was my 3 day getaway to the foothills of the Pirinees with SansYoga (Las Ramblas). 
Yoga in the Catalan countryside was so picturesque and relaxing after a week of sites and sounds.
Barcelona: Yoga in English
The day is filled with meditation, two 90 minute yoga classes, three family style sit down meals from our in-house chef, and free time to hike/ride bicycles or do nothing at all.

Many thanks to everyone for going out of their way to speak/translate/adding gestures to keep me in the conversations. A big IOU to Bruno for the ride. And a big hug to Sandra for sharing her practice with me.

Sandra holds multiple retreats in the Barcelona area. The next one is October 5-7, 2012. Contact Sandra for more info: sandra@sansyoga.com or http://www.sansyoga.com/en/

More pictures here: http://www.sansyoga.com/en/gallery/
Barcelona: Yoga in English