Thursday, July 16

Underground Dining: Rabbit Mafia

Supper Club #6: Honestly before this dinner, I thought raw foods would be scarier than eating beef cheeks and pigs feet. But Rabbit Mafia and Sweet Potatoe Bakery have proved that raw foods can actually be appetizing...

What is raw foods: Raw Foods are foods that contain enzymes. Enzymes are the nutrients that assist in digestion and absorption in food. That means heating any food over 116 degrees F is no longer considered raw. Foods that are raw consist of all fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains, sea vegetables and anything else that has not been processed.

A group of 25 enjoyed the works of Rabbit Mafia's and Sweet Potatoe Bakery's 3 course raw dinner, made with handpicked local ingredients at Bridget (Williamsburg).

On the menu for July 15, 2009:

Papaya Lime Soup
Cucumber Agave Juice
Duo Summer Corn Tacos
Spiced Chocolate Mousse 1A. My first sip of this delicious soup won me over to raw foods. Wonderfully chilled papaya lime soup-- with hints of strawberry, mango and orange. Topped with garlic chilli and cilantro. A great way to start a summer meal.
1B. Cucumber Agave Juice--refreshing. Tasted sweet with the agave, cleansed the palate. 2. A duo of summer corn tacos with spicy nut almond and portebello mushrooms. Topped generously with pico de gallo, chunky guacamole, dab of walnut sour cream, romaine and purple cabbage-- and completed with pickled vegetable salad. Seriously? Damn.

3. I know the picture does not do this justice. Spiced chocolate mousse with blueberry almond cream. Mousse was made with raw chocolate, avocado for the creamy body, and fine pieces of almond for a nice gritty texture.

(Un)fortunately, Rabbit Mafia and Sweet Potatoe Bakery do not always do raw foods. However next month is ceviche, and you know its going to be good.

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