Monday, August 3

Top Secret: Dining Club in East Village

Picture 2
What is it? Oh, you know, the Cardinal Club-- Manhattan's version of a supper club.
Not the traditional social Brooklyn supper clubs I've attended and told you about-- where you sit and mingle with a small group of people at one communal dining table. Cardinal Club is more like the Milk and Honey version of supper clubs-- date spot --more intimate-- hard to get in.

UrbanDaddy claims that after a meal here with your date, your next meal will be over breakfast..

Here's a few rules:
1. You need to fill out an application to get in. Hopefully you have a name of a referral.
2. Instead of emailing you the address a day or 2 in advance, you receive a text only a few hours before....that is, if your application is accepted. Good luck.