Friday, September 25

Underground Dining: Restaurant Style

"Great restaurants are of course, nothing but mouth brothels. There is no point in going into them if one intends to keep one's buckled." -- Frederic Raphaelbeast, portland oregon
On my last night in Portland, I tried out Beast, a restaurant style supper club for the first time.
[A restaurant style supper club] is an actual restaurant establishment, functioning almost every day, same place same time, and seats double the guests of a regular underground supper club. It's basically a communal dining restaurant with a fancier name because it only has 1 menu, all guests must RSVP and you dont get to mingle with the chef.

Beast seats at least 24 in 2 large dining tables. They have a refined and sensual French inspired 6 course meal for $65 and wine pairing for an additional $35.
ted and amy's supper club
#1: End of summer gazpacho with shaved chorizo. A nice twist to a tomato soup.

#1.5: A palate cleanser. Grapefruit shaved ice. Real grapefruit juice used, not artificial concentrate.

underground dining
#2: Charcuterie Plate: 12 oclock to clockwise-- foie gras bon bon, sausage, gelee, steak tartare + quail egg, pork liver +sour cherry pate, pickled shallot pork, chicken liver mousse. Center greens to cleanse palette.

Steak tartare and foie gras were my favorite!

#3: Paupiettes de Veau: stuffed veal rolls with tails and trotters and side of sauteed greens and summer chanterelles

#4: Frisee Aux Lardons with poached egg and soft croutons

underground dining
#5: Selection of Cheese paired with shortbread, bittersweet farms honey, figs and candied hazelnut.
beast, portland oregon
#6: Brown butter crepe and house chocolate + hazelnit spread (HELLO, NUTELLA!), topped with vanilla ice cream.

Needless to say, after 6 glasses of wine, I was feeling gooood--despite that dinner ran over time to 8:45PM, and my flight was at 9:30PM...doh! Thank you Scott and Drew for the free ride to the airport!! Portlander's are the best!