Thursday, September 24

Travel: Portland, Oregon

So I took a mini vacation 4 days, 3 nights to Portland, Oregon in the beginning of September-- mostly to bicycle around, relax and...EAT!

Besides Stumptown, Voodoo Donuts and food carts-- here are my favorite establishments narrowed down to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
state pine biscuits
Pine State Biscuits for breakfast!
They are famous for their Reggie Deluxe, which is a precious layer of biscuits, fried chicken, bacon, egg, cheese and graaaaaavy. $8 = stomach full all day. I then rode up Mount Tabor and to Vancouver trying to burn off the calories.
Bunk Sandwiches for lunch!
I know..I know...we have Defontes in Red Hook which will always be my favorite-- but Bunk was just another level of greatness!! I ordered the Pork Belly Cubano Sandwich with ham and cheese (bottom left). Excellent twist of flavors and fatty belly! The meatball parmigiano hero is also one of the best sellers, along with that roast beef .... There is a line out the door just like Pine State.
Clyde Common for dinner!
It was fate to dine at Clyde Common--I stayed at the Ace Hotel next door. Their menu is New American just the way I like it--nothing normal.
-Started with the complimentary focaccia bread in olive oil/pepper--still moist and warm.
-Then I ordered the chicken-fried chicken livers--anything fried is good!!! Frisee and pickled onions really eased the way to finishing it all up.
-My main course was a whole (DE-BONED, how convenient) grilled trout--slightly charred skin, topped with a sunny side egg!! Genius. It came with side potatoes and beef cheeks. Mmm... yeah, Im no vegetarian.
-And last (yes, I saved room for dessert), I had a tartine with figs and melted ice cream.

When youre on vacation-- there is no diet!