Thursday, September 10

Totally Overrated:Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos

Picture 002
Wow. Seriously the most overrated taco place in the world.
I can't believe I am disagreeing with Anthony Bourdain's tastebuds.
Maybe last Friday, 09/04/2009 was an off day for them...but their food is pretty much in, we even tried drenching our food with their homemade salsas and still found everything tasteless.

And it's not as if we only ordered 1 taco. We f*ing ordered the whole menu bc I thought my mind would be blown away. We ordered the carne enchillada and vegetarian taco, chorizo tosatas, steak quesadilla. They forgot our chicken picada order, and we were very thankful.

The only thing good was their tortillas, which they make in the back of the restaurant. I could buy bundles of these.
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Anyways, skip Los Hermanos. It's in Bushwick and the bike ride over though not far, is just not worth it. Here are a few taco places that are better:
Calexico, 122 Union St-- Red Hook
La Superior, 295 Berry St-- Williamsburg
La Esquina, 106 Kenmare-- Noho
Hencho en Dumbo, 111 Front St-- Dumbo
Tacos Matamoros, 4508 5th Av-- Sunset Park
Taco Truck, Bedford and N6th-- Williamburg
Red Hook Ball Fields, Court St and Bay St-- Red Hook