Tuesday, October 20

Henry Public: Try Again in a Month or Two

*Updated 12/23*
henry public
Hidden in Cobble Hill, Henry Public, a new gastropub with speakeasy-ish drinks, now joins anti-Smith Street restaurants Lucali, Bocca Lupa and Hibino on Henry Street.

The cozy saloon atmosphere and friendly staff, makes this place an easy choice to hang out in--much better scene than sister bar Brooklyn Social-- but be warned that, Henry Public is still going through its soft opening. Id wait at least a month or 2 before pursuing the joint again.

Bone marrow was delish, but then...
Last Thursday they ran out of hamburger buns.
Yesterday they didnt have any burgers at all. WTF.
Its a good grass-fed burger, but definitely poorly managed kitchen.

henry public
And sadly, the drinks were weak in alcohol content.

After 4 cocktails each (+1 beer) you would hope the money you were spending ($11 each) would get you slightly buzzed. Instead we "ooo-ed and ahh-ed" at the Kold-Draft ice cubes and soberly analyzed each sip:

-Wide Awake: Tasted and smelled like formaldehyde
Made with gin, lemon, fresh ginger, ginger liqueur, and scotch
-Brooklyn Ferry: Tasted like Robitussin, gummy bears and Fred Flinstone vitamins
Made with rye, Carpano Antica, maraschino, and absinthe
-Kings County: Best tasting one yet--ordered 3!
Made with rye, lemon, sugar, egg white, and a port float
-The Beecher's: On the sweeter side but worth ordering 2--minus lack of buzz
Made with pimms, lime juice, orange liquer, and dry cider

I mean sometimes the company is more important than the actual food and restaurant right?? We stayed till 2AM, noone kicked us out, service was good, environment welcoming....they just need to tweak some of the other issues... like cash only.

Henry Public
329 Henry St., nr. Pacific St.
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

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