Tuesday, November 17

Old Stomping Ground: Maggie Brown's

So in honor of my ex-roommates birthday (bunked together at Pratt), we decided to bicycle our way back to our old stomping ground in Fort Greene and dine at our usual-- Maggie Browns.
Food is okay-- but its really the inviting and cozy ambiance that I reminiscence. We sat there this time for almost 2 hours catching up and never once felt like we were getting kicked out. In fact, they poured us more coffee! AND if you get a waitress named Alev, thats a total plus!
Yes, there were only 2 of us-- but it was a celebration, so we ordered 3 plates:
(left) Brie Pancakes topped with Strawberries-- Thought that the brie would give a distinctive taste to the pancakes...but the syrup kind of masked it over. Not complaining-- just assumed.
(top) Burger with Cheddar Cheese and Fries-- Love the thick cut fries. Burger was good too-- but you know, since Ive been on a burger kick, its got a lot to compete with...
(front) Eggs with Chives-- Cant go wrong with eggs-- but what I loved the most (and found out it wasnt made in house) was the jam for the toast! I tried to guess which brand, but they gave me one try, and it wasnt Smuckers...damn.

BTW if you havent been back to Fort Greene....it has really cleaned up since 2001. And now you have a place to eat...