Monday, April 25

Supper Club: 525Dinner
I trust anybody who has a refrigerator stacked with 16oz and 32oz plastic containers labeled with blue masking tape. This one in particular belongs to Sam Richman of 525Dinner, an understated supper club based in Williamsburg.
Sams resume includes Jean Georges and The Fat Duck and has been successfully holding supper clubs since 2007, mostly through word of mouth.

There are two dinners a week in his apartment, no advance menus, both chef's choice. The prices are fairly low balled considering the quality of food prepared for you. $25 Tuesdays is his family style plates, while $40 Saturdays is a more intricate, elaborate meal.

The environment is casual and friendly, BYOB, random ipod playlist playing in the background. You dine with 12 guests in a dining room table set in Sam's roommates room, next to a queen size bed. Weird at first, but ::shrug:: its NY, you get over it.

For the $25Tuesday meal on April 12th, we had:
...two heaping servings each of the mixed bitter greens w/ red wine marinated apples and toasted walnuts, potato and onion kugel (loved the crust), braised brisket (slow cooked for 20hours!!)...
and the best coconut macaroons Ive ever had (I ate 4...okay 4 1/2). Whats even more impressive is that it was his first time ever making them!

Visit to make a reservation.