Thursday, February 25

Grand Sichuan Hot Pot

It's snowing again! Feels like being in a snow globe doesnt it?
Picture 010
Went to Grand Sichuan for hot pot the other day with Emily to celebrate a belated Chinese New Year. Sichuan is located on the tip of Manhattan Bridge (city side) where all the buses pick you up to go to Philly, Boston, etc.

Its not a schmancy place. Authentic to be for sure. My advice is to eat UPSTAIRS and make a reservation for large parties. Downstairs feels like a makeshift bedroom for hidden refugees. And oh, CASH ONLY.
Picture 011
I recommend getting the half pot nonspicy and chili spicy broth. Dont be intimidated by the chilis guys. It enhances the flavor. Just dont eat the peppercorn. They numb your mouth. Seriously.
Picture 018
See those little balls? Thats what you should watch out for.
You choose your random sides: The 2 of us went for (left to right) tofu, pork, chinese vegetables, dumplings (theyre sweet!!!! really good home made dumplings), scallops (we sent them back, not so fresh) and taro (I especially like the texture when it boils down).

Some common rules/ courtesy while having hot pot for those who have not eaten it before:
1. Use the back of your chopsticks to pick up meat since its raw
2. The wire spoon is to pick out the cooked food from the pot. Do not mix spicy spoon with non spicy spoon
3. When you cook your meat, do not put the whole plate in. It's eat/cook as you go. If you leave the meat in too long (you forget it) and it becomes overcooked.
4. Same for vegetables
5. The tofu used is silken tofu, and is very delicate. Place the amount you want in your spoon and just let it dangle in the broth until cooked to desired temperature. If you dump the tofu in, you may end up getting bits and pieces instead of the desired square shape.
6. Beer and rice helps tame the flame in your mouth if you need it

And oh, do not wear cashmere, turtle necks etc even if its cold outside. You will be sweating when while you eat. <3