Monday, February 7

Super Bowl Sunday: Ads and Food

Picture 125
I'm glad the Packers won for the sake of our Super Bowl hostess, Laura.
But I was there for the ads!

My two favorites:
1. Volkswagon: Melt my heart! May the force be with you...

2. Chrysler with Eminem: Detroit building themselves back up. I'm not from Detroit, but man, I felt that pride.

Worst ads though? Groupon's selfish, insensitive f*%#$ Tibet ad. Who approved that commercial? And Ford's Concrete Jungle ad. We do not drive huge SUV's in New York. It's called taxi, subway or bike. Do some research before... :)
Picture 121
Anyhoo...we cant forget about the food.  This was truly a foodie's Super Bowl. A new take to everything traditional. Chicken wings: double fried with ginger, soysauce, honey glaze! Guacomole with pomegranates! Bratwurst dogs! And chocolate cake! Yummm....