Monday, November 21

Guerilla Haiku Movement

Have you heard of this?
Guerilla Haiku Movement
Underground Poems
GHM hosted a Brooklyn haiku scavenger hunt this past Saturday (such a beautiful day), starting in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn. Participants (majority straight men...who knew so many loved writing haikus??) were then divided into neighborhoods with a point-based systems list (ie: two points for writing in public transportation, 5 points for getting a stranger to participate).

Here are some of my favorites:
>Is the 'F' train working? It is the weekend, silly...50-fifty chance
>Good dogs and coffee. Odiferous and brownish. One comes in a cup.
(Me under bridge. Group effort, not my own haiku).
>Waves sound overhead. But it isnt the ocean. The tides of transport.
>(I like the little girl staring back) I am in the street. I hope I dont get car struck. It would be bad.
>(A passerby with his attempt of a haiku gone awry. Good try). "Wow, I love being Irish and getting shitfaced. But Mondays feel like a Friday with half time scoop. --Love Baldy"

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