Thursday, February 16

Travel: Barcelona, Spain: Markets

Here are some amazing visuals we normally don't see at our markets in the states.
*ginormous octopusBoqueria
 *fish displayed with its skin peeled back
 *skinned rabbit (look at those eyes!)  Didnt recognize it was a bunny without the ears at first.

Everyone raves about La Boqueria when visiting Barcelona. It's listed #1 on Trip Advisor for shopping. Reviewers would say it would be sacriligious not to visit, like missing out on 42nd St. Time Square or Empire State Building on your first trip to NY. Normally I would avoid such reviews especially since La Boqueria is located right off of Las Ramblas (think 34th St during lunch hour) and offskirt of El Ravel (think Canal St, Chinatown). Hello, it's clearly built for tourism. 

But, I'll concede with the ratings on this one, because La Boqueria is a wonderous site. It was just as shocking as Hong Kong's Sai Kung and Lei Yu Men fish market. Go once (okay I went twice since its impossible to order everything I want as a solo traveler and I really wanted to taste the food at El Quim and Pinoxto) take your pictures, enjoy your Estrella/ delicious tapas, and then scurry out of there.

If you can do without the mass crowds, you can easily see smaller scales of similar products of La Boqueria at Mercat de Saint AntoniMercat Santa Caterina, or Mercat de la Llibertat instead. I went to all four local markets; and none are disappointing.El Quim, Boqueria Anyways, the food I ate at the Boqueria and other markets were all undeniably good, but for the most part, I've eaten simliar dishes and they all tasted familiar ie: chipirones (squid), gamba (shrimp), xuxo (beef cheek), botifarra (blood sausage).

The one dish that did get me giddy like a school girl was from El Quim:  huevos fritos con llanguetas (fried egg w/ itty bitty tiny fish). Those black speckles you see? Thats their eyes! The texture in general is like a moist fish hash, but gritty because of the small bones. It's a delicacy (18.75 euros for the dish, while others are just 2 euros) and was delightful!