Wednesday, February 8

Ongoing Events: The Moth Series
If you see a long queue forming outside The Housing Works or Nuyorican Cafe it could be for The Moth, a live story-telling competition, held around the US. Ten contestants are given the same key theme and then each have 10 minutes to capture the audience with a true story. It's harder than it sounds and more entertaining than you'd think. We've heard some compelling stories and winning a Slam is well deserved.

I've been to 3 already and each experience/location have been completely different. What I would suggest is:
1. If you cant get tickets, get in line early, at least an hour before doors open to guarantee seats (We went 30 minutes before and didn't get in during the summer time)
2. Go with a desire to listen as theres not much visuals going on.
3. Prices for food (esp at Highline Ballroom) sold at event can be expensive and...subpar. Bring a granola bar.

Happy listening: The Moth