Monday, September 21

Good Monday Morning: Bacon

Good morning! Thought Id start the week off with pictures from a BLT House Party thrown in Fort Greene, last Saturday. A nice way to start your day (unless youre a vegetarian).

These ingredients pictured below make a BLT complete! Oh and the sandwiches were washed down with Bacon Infused Bourbon Old Fashioneds. I wouldnt expect anything less from our gracious host. She knows how to throw a party!
start with something fresh
No Oscar Myers here...
4 of 100 types of bacons
This is only 4 of maybe 10-12 different bacons brought in.
Los Paisanos was the overall best-- although 1 lb was not enough to feed the huge crowd
Marlow and Daughters the saltiest!
Char No.4 tastes better at the actual restaurant...
Beautiful lettuce and tomatoes from the CSA....
Homemade mayo--seriously? Awesome.
For the less adventurous/ purists
Gotta have your bread...
bacon party 9/12/2009
And there you have it. A BLT party.

Additional pictures here.