Friday, September 4

Hidden Inside the Swanky Meridien Hotel: Burger Joint

Picture 006
After 458 reviews on I really need to blog about this? Is it even a secret anymore?
Im no burger connoisseur--but I know what I like-- and I actually liked Burger Joint better than Shake Shack and my gourmet burgers so Im sharing the news! (In N Out still wins, but thats not in NY).

There's 2 entrances, 57th through a red velvet cocktail lounge, or back on 56th, which shoots you straight to the entrance. A neon sign, leads you to the dingy Burger Joint, that despite being 'hidden' is seriously packed. Dont expect to have a 10hour conversation here-- it's really eat and go.

The menu is simple: a burger with or without cheese.
Picture 002
The hands holding the burger are from a 6" tall friend, so the perspective makes the burger look pretty small--they really are pretty substantial.

Anways, the best part of the meal is the meat-- medium rare, thick and juicy. We topped it off with "the works"-- cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, onion, pickles, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and enjoyed every bite. All it needed was Shake Shakes potatoe bread and I would have been in heaven!
Picture 005
Fries, greasy, as you can tell by the bag-- not better than McDonalds, but almost as good.

Le Parker Meridien
119 W 56TH St, nr 6th Av