Wednesday, September 2

Random Facts I Learned From Don Lee

don at underground dining
Don Lee bartended Choice Cuts this past Sunday.
Here's a few random facts I learned:

1. Does not prefer vodka bc it's tasteless and also therefore breathless--there is no enjoyment in flavor. Most people drink it, to get drunk faster-- or they drink it so they cant get caught of smelling like a drunk. And I quote "drinking vodka is like having sex only to get pregnant"-- you cant enjoy the process.
---If you had to choose one brand of vodka, order Sobieski Vodka

2. Rum should be sipped in room temperature, preferably a little warmer, no ice-- like the sailors did back in the days on the ships.
---Order Zacapa23 Rum -- what-- not Bacardi??

3. If you had to learn how to make 3 drinks, make sure you know how to mix:
---Manhattan Martini, Sour, and Old Fashioned

4. Likes Vietnamese food. Agrees that Houston, Tx does it best.
---But if youre in NY? Try Pho32.

5. Are you a soba fan?
---Dont go to Sobya, go to Sobakoh.

6. And lastly who doesn't like sushi?
Likes Yasuda.
But left the table when I challenged him onUshiwakamaru.
He had to make more cocktails.