Tuesday, September 1

Underground Dining: Choice Cuts

Picture 13
Movie of the Month:
Out of the Past (1947)
Directed by Jacques Tourneur
What I got out of it: Girls can be conniving b*tches

Dinner is served with drinks courtesy of Don Lee:
choice cuts
-Deviled eggs. Yum. Apparently hard to peel though. You should have seen the tupperware of not-presentable eggs.
corn chowder
*Above photo taken by Choice Cuts
-Corn Chowder with...bacon!
choice cuts
-Amazing chicken pot pie. Snuck into the kitchen to capture the before and after process.
-Golden crust, plated with 3 bean salad.
underground dining
-Pavlova, meringue dessert. There was more peaches, I just snapped it while it was being decorated.

**Follow up facts with Don Lee in tomorrow's entry.