Monday, August 31

Punjabi: Cheap Ass Indian Food

It's 2AM in LES, you got the munchies, youre broke for cash, and slightly intoxicated--
you see cabbies running in and out of this place (taking a leak and grabbing food)--
you decide to go in--
a row of trays filled with vegetarian dishes are labeled out by numbers--
you order the large styrofoam bowl that comes with rice with 2 sides, number 1 (chickpeas) + 2 (spinach)--
it's quickly heated in 1 of the 5 microwaves--
and its amazing.... for $3
Punjabi :114 E 1st St(between Avenue A and Avenue B) New York, NY 10009

Trying Lohore Deli today: 132 Crosby St(between Houston St & Jersey St)
*UPDATE* 250PM: Lahore is better in portion and price. Tastes? Just as good as Punjabi. Location is even more obscure than Punjabi though. I would have never noticed it bc its covered in scaffolding. I got rice with 3 sides: spinach, eggplant, chickpeas for $6!