Friday, October 23

Red Hook Food Vendors: Closing This Sunday For the Season

Photo courtesy of The Daily News
If you havent been to Red Hook Ball Fields in Brooklyn this summer--your last chance is this Sunday! I know, boo-hoo! No one can beat the Martinez Country Boys Taco Truck! They are my favorite-- and even won the 2009 Vendy Awards!
All items are fairly priced at $6-- and the portions are all comparable. If you want a sampler, get the tacos or sopes so you can get 2 different meat/veggie choices. I personally love the huarache with chorizo or pork because visually the masa is ginormous and a challenge to eat.
For my last huarache of the season, I chose shrimp since Ive never it it there before. Loaded with tons of guac, lettuce, tomatoes-- I skipped the sour cream--it was a delicious cheap meal before shopping at Ikea.
Get your Martinez taco truck before it closes 10/25/2009-- rain or shine!!

Red Hook Ball Fields
Corner of Clinton St and Bay St
Red Hook, NY

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